About Dimiourgó & Design

The name “Dimiourgó & Design” originates from a desire to meld my name into my business without doing it so plainly. Long story short (you can read the full story here), my Greek first name, after a series of trials and errors, shifted to just being a Greek word: dimiourgó. Translated, it means “I create,” making “Dimiourgó & Design” simply mean “I Create & Design.”

Dimiourgó & Design offers professional design skills at a one-time or progressive rate personalized per client. Generic templates and creative options will be explored to decide what is best for each client because we believe marketing and design are ever-changing processes subjective to the client. Geared toward small businesses, Dimiourgó & Design offers the branding material necessary to conduct in-house marketing for the sake of growing the business, then furthermore encourages these businesses to take advantage of other design services offered by the business such as progressive marketing, social media presence and management, and brand extension.

We’re here to make growing local businesses and budding entrepreneurs develop a marketing foundation that is strong enough to support whatever success may follow.

Contact me for information on what I can do for you and feel free to request a personalized quote on your next marketing need.

–Your designer, Rhea.