About Me – About Dimiourgó & Design

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting Dimiourgó & Design, my personal freelancing website and portfolio!

A little bit about myself…

My name is Rhea Miller, and I grew up in a small town outside of Las Vegas, void of creativity in the slightest, but surrounded by the inspiration of the beautiful Spring Mountains, raw Mojave desert, and sunsets I just can’t quite put into words. I was always creative, I just never realized I was good at it until this thought crossed my mind:

Maybe I don’t have to be good yet, I just have to have the persistence to get there.

Now I am a student at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design! After a brief hiatus to attend my freshman year at RMCAD in Denver, Colorado, I returned to the Mojave and worked my way into the marketing office at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club as an assistant and in-house graphic designer – I couldn’t be happier with where my career is heading in the motorsports world.

That being said, I spend my free time (what little I may have) doing creative work for local businesses and budding entrepreneurs, sharing my design experience with them in hopes of being an invaluable cog in the machine that is their success. And when I’m not working, I enjoy being outdoors doing anything and everything I can to experience life to its fullest extent!

Once I graduate with my BFA in Graphic Design in August 2018, I imagine my freelancing career will become a much more significant part of my life, hence the beginning of Dimiourgó & Design.

And a little bit about the name…

Dimiourgó & Design is the love child of father creativity and mother Greek mythology. Why Greek mythology, you ask? My first name, Rhea, is Greek; in the old stories, Rhea was daughter to the Mother of Earth Gaia, and subsequently became Mother of the Gods when she gave birth to six of the most well known warriors including Poseidon and Zeus. But that doesn’t really matter…  What does matter is how all of this settled in the dust as Dimiourgó & Design.

Design is obvious – it means design; dimiourgó, on the other hand, means “I create” in Greek.

“I create & design.” It’s pretty cut and dry from there.

So many freelancers and entrepreneurs create a business titled with their name, a piece of themselves, and that’s great, but it just didn’t fit my creative field. So after some realization that my name really was very important to me, I narrowed it down tot he reason why I am so attached to my name, and that is the story behind it; it is unique and strange and even powerful in a way, so here is where the story comes full circle and I tell you that I really was just like every other freelancer and entrepreneur – inputting my name into my business model.

This is my identity, so let it be my success.

If you’ve gotten this far, you must be at least a little interested! Feel free to use my contact page here to shoot me a line or simply comment below. Links to Dimiourgó & Design social media are present all over this site, too, if you want to see more!

–Your designer, Rhea.

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